Offense Fine Prison Other Penalties
Failure to disclose conviction on application Denial of application
Conviction of certain felonies or crimes of moral turpitude Denial or revocation of commission
Failure to complete approved course Denial of application
Failure to file oath and bond within 30 days Commission will not take effect
Failure to secure journal or seal Up to $1,500 Administrative action
False certificates Up to $10,000 Administrative action
Charging excessive fees Up to $750 Administrative action
Practicing law Administrative action
Failure to provide access to journal Up to $2,500 Civil penalty
Failure to obtain thumbprint Up to $2,500 Civil penalty
Filing false or forged documents relating to real property Up to $75,000 2-4 years Felony if relates to single family residence
Immigration consultant price gouging Up to 1 year
Unauthorized practice of law Up to 1 year
Forgery of seal or signature Up to 1 year
Destruction of records Up to 1 year
Services Here is a table of notary public services, fees, and journal requirements formatted in HTML:
Service Description Max Fee Date Time Type of Act Document Type Signer Name Signer Thumbprint
Acknowledgment Person appears before notary and acknowledges signing document $15 per signature X X X X X
Jurat Person appears, signs document, and takes oath in front of notary $15 X X X X X X
Proof of Execution by Subscribing Witness Witness proves person who signed document is the person described in document $15 X X X X X
Signature by Mark Person signs document by mark instead of signature $15 X X X X X X
Certifying Copy of Power of Attorney Certifying that copy of power of attorney is a true copy $15 X X X X X
Here are two HTML tables, one summarizing pages 16-17 and one summarizing some key sections of the Government Code:

Pages 16-17 Summary

Topic Summary
Notarization of Incomplete Documents Cannot notarize incomplete documents
Correcting a Notarial Act No provisions to correct, must re-notarize
Certified Copies Can only certify copies of journal and powers of attorney
Illegal Advertising Restrictions on advertising immigration services
Immigration Documents Can charge max $15 for notarization, cannot assist filling forms unless qualified
Confidential Marriage Licenses Must be approved by county clerk to issue
Grounds for Denial, Revocation, or Suspension Misconduct, failure to disclose conviction, improper advertising
Disciplinary Guidelines Outlines consequences for misconduct

Government Code Sections

Title Section Key Points
Geographic Jurisdiction 8200
  • Can notarize anywhere in California
Jurat Requirements 8202
  • Person must appear before notary
  • Person must sign document in notary's presence
  • Oath must be administered
Notarial Duties 8205
  • Take acknowledgments
  • Administer oaths and affirmations
  • Take depositions and affidavits
Journal Requirements 8206
  • Chronological log of all notarial acts
  • Must be secured and under notary's control
Seal Requirements 8207
  • Must have seal with specific required elements
  • Must be kept secure and under notary's control
Maximum Fees 8211
  • Sets max fees for services like acknowledgments, jurats, depositions
Oath, Bond and Commission Requirements 8213
  • Must file $15,000 bond and oath within 30 days
  • Commission does not take effect until filing
Grounds for Suspension/Revocation 8214.1
  • Misconduct, conviction, failure to discharge duties properly
  • No
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