About Us


Allow us to introduce ourselves
We are Zeek & Nancy Pardo
The faces behind every project on this page
Together we make Z&N Creative☀️🌙

And well, that’s right, you guessed it, THIS IS US on our wedding day. The event that started this all🤍

Zeek and I have always shared a common interest for creating.
So guess what?—WE DID JUST THAT!
In the months leading to our big day we dove right in and got busy creating all the big and small projects for our soon to be WEDDING👐🏼

Although back then we didn’t have all the tools necessary that we have now, we were so PROUD of every single prop and sign and tiny detail that we created with our bare hands. To say that some were epic fails is an understatement but we still so proudly displayed all of our hard work throughout the venue and reception😂

We did everything from cutting, measuring, assembling, gluing, staining, painting to intentionally adding the little logo (sun & moon) to all of our stationary.
Even before Z&N Creative was a thing we were slapping that logo on everything.
(maybe one day we’ll share why those two symbols are so precious to us)—is it cheesy? you bet it is🧀

We immediately knew we wanted to create more projects not only for ourselves but for others. Projects that would be meaningful to the person just as ours were to us. After doing our fair share of research to learn more and perfect this craft we decided to go for it🙈

And HERE WE ARE TODAY, extremely BLESSED to able to do and share what we LOVE. Nevertheless still learning and growing and experimenting as we go🛠

We’ve said this once and will say it countless more, THANK YOU to every single one of you for your support and being a part of our journey. We couldn’t do this without YOU✨

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